ABOUT VirtualHotelâ„¢

How VirtualHotel can increase hotel revenue


VirtualHotel is the first and only hotel guest app developed in a hotel environment and refined in close consultation with hotel management, staff and guests. A subsidiary of the MC Hotels group, we have effectively used our own hotels as a development and testing laboratory and we are 100% confident that our product is the best designed (in terms of real life hotel workflow), most flexible and most reliable hotel guest app on the market.

See how VirtualHotelâ„¢ can benefit you.

From day one VirtualHotel was specifically designed to achieve two objectives: to enhance the guest experience whilst simultaneously driving incremental hotel revenue opportunities into the hotel. As a VirtualHotel client you will acquire a product that integrates with your existing IT systems and works the way that you do. In short, no other mobile technology supplier understands hotels and the hospitality industry like we do.